Power plants and projects

In a world longing for renewable, pollution-free energy, E-CO Energi is proud to focus fully and completely on 100 per cent clean hydropower.

Today, E-CO Energi owns some 75 power stations throughout southern Norway, wholly or in part. Mean production of about 17 TWh per year and production capacity of 5 200 MW make E-CO Energi Norway’s second largest power producer.

And there is more to come. The upgrading and expansion of facilities, efficiency improvements and new projects mean that the ‘power adventure’ is not over yet. In recent years, E-CO Energi has developed 700 GWh of new power, and we are constantly seeking profitable new projects. This translates into many exciting responsibilities and we are making heavy investments in the local communities in which our facilities are located.

E-CO Power plants

Here are our current power plants in Norway.

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