Hafslund E-CO Corporate Management appointed

The Hafslund E-CO group was established 4 July this year. The newly appointed Board og directors appointed Finn Bjørn Ruyter as Chief Excecutive Officer (CEO). The Corporate management has now been appointed.

The Hafslund E-CO Corporate Management will be as follows from 1 September:

Finn Bjørn Ruyter – CEO

Tore Olaf Rimmereid – Deputy CEO and SVP Corporate Strategy

Heidi Ulmo – CFO (Chief Financial Officer) – Martin S. Lundby is acting CFO konstituert while Heidi Ulmo is on parental leave

Alf Inge Berget – SVP Power Generation and managing director E-CO Energi AS

Kristin Lian – SVP Networks and managing director Hafslund Nett AS

Toril Benum – SVP Ny Energi

Siw Hellesen – SVP HR and Organizational Development

Per Arne Torbjørnsdal – SVP Corporate communications and Public affairs

Anders Østby – SVP Power Markets

– I am pleased to have a very competent corporate management in place, with the same number of members from the hydropower and network part of the group, says CEO Finn Bjørn Ruyter.

For further information, see hafslunde-co.no 

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