Responsible supply chain and local value creation

Hafslund E-CO is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all business operations. We communicate this message within the Group by promoting one of our core values: responsible. By showing respect and responsibility, our goal is to build a good reputation, both internally and in society at large. This is crucial for achieving good cooperation, which in turn will contribute to creating increased value in the local communities in which the Group operates.

Hafslund E-CO has implemented the Oslo model, which is an umbrella term for a number of credibility provisions that are included in contract terms for the purchase of goods, services and construction. Oslo City Council asked all limited companies owned by the city to introduce the Oslo model during 2018.

The Group places strict requirements on suppliers of all goods and services. All suppliers and their subcontractors must conduct their business in accordance with nationally and internationally recognised principles and guidelines (related to human and labour rights, corruption, health, safety and the environment). The Group carries out purchases in line with good business practice. The Network business area also carries out purchases in accordance with the Norwegian Public Procurement Act and the Norwegian Regulations concerning Supply Sector Purchases.

Hafslund E-CO has established a separate code of conduct for Suppliers based on international ILO and UN conventions. The choice of Suppliers and partners is an important aspect of our work to achieve a sustainable industry. Hafslund E-CO wants to take greater responsibility for the environment and the social impact of the value chain of which the Group is a part.

Efforts to influence suppliers and partners to reduce emissions, improve environmental management and secure good social conditions will be intensified.

The Group’s purchasing principles stipulate that:

  • Hafslund E-CO shall, as far as possible, together with suppliers, find good environmental and climate solutions.
  • Suppliers must ensure that all equipment used in watercourses is dry before use, and disinfected if necessary, to prevent the spread of organisms between different watercourses.
  • Hafslund E-CO requires suppliers to be registered in UNCE (formerly Sellicha) to qualify for delivery of goods and services to the Group’s major projects, and only suppliers with environmental management systems are used.

In 2018, Hafslund E-CO introduced credibility requirements to counteract workplace crime and social dumping in the construction industry. The requirements are designed to ensure decent working conditions for employees and contractors, limit the number of participants in the supply chain and provide for an increase in apprenticeships and trained professionals. These requirements have been well received in the supplier market. Suppliers are followed up to ensure compliance with the requirements.

Hafslund E-CO’s business generates values in the local communities where the Group operates. Employees receive salaries, municipalities and authorities receive taxes and fees, and local suppliers are awarded challenging assignments, while our owner receives dividends.

The Group seeks to use local service providers and partners where this is practicable. Having a short distance between the suppliers and Our facilities contributes to environmental savings and secures local jobs.

In 2018, the Group contributed NOK 560 million to host municipalities. This contribution came in the form of natural resource and property taxes, licence fees and concessionary power.

In total, the Group contributed over NOK 1.8 billion in taxes and fees in 2018, while the dividend paid to the Group’s owner, the City of Oslo, was NOK 985 million.

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