Reliable producer and supplier of renewable energy

Hafslund E-CO owns, develops and operates hydropower plants and critical infrastructure for society’s power supply. The Group’s business creates significant socio-economic ripple effects, contributes to long-term job opportunities and safeguards society’s supply of clean energy.

Society expects an uninterrupted supply of energy at all times. Hafslund E-CO’s social responsibility is to ensure safe and reliable Production and supply of renewable energy. In 2018, Networks achieved security of supply equivalent to 99.98 per cent, taking into account both planned and unplanned events. This means that, on average, the Group’s customers were without electricity for 88 minutes of which 22 minutes were planned and notified. The Group’s Networks business area is among the network operators in Norway with the lowest percentage network losses and the fewest interruptions.

The loss of energy in the transmission network has socioeconomic costs. It is therefore important to ensure efficient power transfer With low energy losses. The network loss in 2018 was 1,240 GWh, compared to 1,212 GWh in 2017. The losses depend on factors such as the network load, which in turn largely depends on the outdoor temperature. To minimise such losses, it is important to place strict requirements on components and equipment when making investments.

The Production business area, with its reservoir power plants, provides renewable power production, also during periods of low precipitation. This allows the Group to contribute to the efficient utilisation of hydropower resources and to the balance and quality of the power system. The company works continuously to increase power production and thereby reduce Norway and Northern Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions in the long term.

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