100% clean energy

E-CO Energi’s power production creates jobs and generates tax revenues in a number of Norwegian cities and towns. The business profits also go fully and completely back to the community.

100% of E-CO Energi’s power generation comes from renewable, clean hydropower

Each year, E-CO Energi’s 350 co-workers produce sufficient power to meet the energy needs of 850 000 Norwegian households or about 2,2 million people. This makes the company Norway’s second largest producer of hydropower, and the largest among those that produce power exclusively from renewable sources.

Many depend on E-CO Energi’s business activities, including households and businesses that need electricity, host municipalities, the State, which receives direct and indirect taxes, and employees who receive wages and salaries. Naturally, it is also important for the public owners, the City of Oslo and municipaities in Hedmark and Oppland counties, which receives dividends each year that can be used to further develop services for the people of the city. E-CO Energi’s goal is therefore to consistently live up to its vision “For a renewable and fully electric future”.

E-CO Energi owns some 75 power stations all over Norway, wholly or in part. E-CO Energi’s mean production is about 17 TWh per year and its production capacity is 5 200 MW.

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