About E-CO Energi

E-CO Energi owns, wholly or partially, 75 power plants spread across southern Norway. The company has an annual mean production of 17 TWh and a production capacity of about 5 200 MW. The largest production facilities are located in Hallingdal, Aurland, the lower part of Glomma and in Hedmark and Oppland County.

The Group’s main activities relate to the planning and implementation of the upgrading, operation and maintenance of the power plants, as well as securing optimal utilization of the reservoirs
to maximise the value of the power production. The main objective of E-CO Energi’s strategy is to be Norway’s foremost producer of renewable energy. To achieve this the availability and cost-levels at the power plants must be optimized in combination with a goal of zero injuries.

Areas of focus besides availability and cost efficiency are digitalisation, competency and growth. The Group aspires to be a prime mover for consolidation, especially in the business areas where E-CO Energi is represented as an owner today. Consequently, E-CO Energi’s ambition is to increase its current production capacity.

E-CO Energi has been publicly owned ever since electrification, i.e. the ‘power adventure’, began with the advent of Christiania Elektricitetsværk in 1892. Today, the company is an integral part of the Hafslund E-CO Group, which, in turn, is owned by Oslo Municipality. Hafslund E-CO owns 57,2 % of E-CO Energi and Eidsiva Energi owns 42,8 %.

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