Norway's second largest producer of hydroelectricity

E-CO ENERGI is one of Norway's leading energy groups. Its core activities are the ownership and management of hydropower plants and development of new renewable power projects. The City of Oslo owns 100 % of the Group company, Hafslund E-CO AS.

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E-CO Energi is Norway's second largest producer of hydroelectricity with a mean annual production of approx. 13 TWh and a production capacity of approx. 3 350 MW. The company owns and manages power plants in southern Norway and has ownership interests in Hafslund Produksjon Holding, Oppland Energi, Opplandskraft, Embretsfosskraftverkene and NGK Utvikling. The main activity is operating and maintaining the power plants and exploiting available water reservoirs in the best possible manner in order to maximise revenue from power production.

The Company is a part of the Hafslund E-CO Group.


The company is organised into three sectors:

  • Business development is responsible for capital usage and evaluates investments and reinvestments in production facilities.
  • Energy management is responsible for the application of the production resources and sells the power produced in the wholesale market.
  • Production is responsible for the operative management, control and maintenance of power plants and related regulation installations.

E-CO Energi has approx. 200 employees at the main office in Oslo and the production facilities in Hallingdal, Aurland and in Askim and Sarpsborg.