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E-CO Energi AS 
P. O. Box 1050 Sentrum
0104 Oslo

Visiting address:

C. J. Hambros plass 2 C, Oslo

Tel: + 47 24 11 65 00
Fax: + 47 24 11 65 01

E-mail: energi@e-co.no

Norway's second largest producer of hydroelectricity

E-CO Energi is one of Norway's leading energy groups. Its core activities are the ownership and management of hydropower plants and development of new renewable power projects. The City of Oslo owns 100 % of the parent company, E-CO Energi Holding AS.

E-CO Energi is Norway's second largest producer of hydroelectricity with a mean annual production of nearly 13 TWh and a production capacity of approx. 3 350 MW. READ MORE



Hafslund E-CO Corporate Management appointed

The Hafslund E-CO group was established 4 July this year. The newly appointed Board og directors appointed Finn Bjørn Ruyter as Chief Excecutive Officer (CEO). The Corporate management has now been appointed.

Hafslund E-CO has been established

By merging Norway's second largest electricity generator E-CO Energi and largest power grid operator Hafslund Nett, the City of Oslo has created Norway?s leading integrated power group.

Oslo City Council has approved to combine the ownership of Hafslund and E-CO Energi

The City of Oslo has promoted a proposal to combine the ownership of Hafslund AS and E-CO Energi Holding AS under a new joint parent company that will be 100% owned by the City of Oslo. The proposal was approved by the Oslo City Council on 20 June 2018.

Film about E-CO

Watch this film about hydro power production, the Nordic power market and a presentation of E-CO Energi.


E-CO Energi is involved in the 1400 megawatt (MW) interconnector NorthConnect. NorthConnect will provide an electrical link between Scotland and Norway, allowing the two nations to exchange power and increase the use of renewable energy.