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E-CO Energi Holding as
P. O. Box 255 Sentrum
0103 Oslo

Visiting address:

C. J. Hambros plass 2 C, Oslo

Tel: + 47 24 11 69 00
Fax: + 47 24 11 69 01

E-mail: energi@e-co.no

Norway's second largest producer of hydroelectricity

E-CO Energi is one of Norway's leading energy groups. Its core activities are the ownership and management of hydropower plants and development of new renewable power projects. The City of Oslo owns 100 % of the parent company, E-CO Energi Holding AS.

E-CO Energi is Norway's second largest producer of hydroelectricity with a mean annual production of 9.7 TWh and a production capacity of approx. 2 800 MW. READ MORE



Satisfactory net profit for 2015 despite low power prices

Press release 01/16

E-CO Energi turned in a satisfactory performance for 2015, given the low power prices that prevail. E-CO Energi's operating revenues totalled MNOK 2 511, compared with MNOK 2 863 in 2014. Successful hedging and good production planning helped ensure the Group's selling price was 34 per cent higher than the spot price. The net profit for the year was MNOK 533, compared with MNOK 713 in 2014. The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of MNOK 685. The Group expects lower profits in future in the light of the forward prices for 2016 and later.

Performance at end-September 2015: Hedging ensured satisfactory performance

Press release 06/15

E-CO Energi reported a net YTD profit after tax of MNOK 369, down MNOK 34 year-on-year. The decline is ascribable to lower selling prices. The Group's hedging was successful as the actual selling price has been 44 per cent higher than the area price thus far this year.

Onshore infrastructure for NorthConnect approved by Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council today approved an application by a Scandinavian consortium for an electricity converter station and underground cables near Peterhead.

Web camera dam Stolsvatn


E-CO is building a new dam at Stolsvatn. Follow the construction work on web camera.

Film about E-CO

Watch this film about hydro power production, the Nordic power market and a presentation of E-CO Energi.