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Rosten Power Plant is opened


Rosten Power Plant in Sel Municipality was officially opened by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Søviknes on 22 August.

Facts about Rosten Power Plant

•The power plant utilizes a fall of 103 meters. 

•The water is fed into a 4.1 kilometer tunnel from the intake to the power station. The power station in the mountain has access through a 350 meter long tunnel.

•Installed power is 80 MW (80,000 kW), divided into three Francis aggregates of 8.5, 20 and 51.5 MW, respectively. The water supply is 85 cubic meters per second, and the discharge tunnel from the power station to the outlet in the river of Lågen is 400 meters long. The power plant is connected to Vågåmo transformer station via a new 132 kilovolt cable.

•The intake dam to the Rosten Power Plant is a concrete dam at Dovreskogen. It is about 95 meters long, and the highest height is about 20 meters. The dam has two flood spillways.

“Rosten is a modern facility, built within the time and cost framework. It's just beautiful,” said the Minister of Petroleum and Energy when he opened the plant by starting one of three aggregates.

Rosten Power Plant is owned by Oppland Energi AS (72 percent) and AS Eidefoss (28 percent). Oppland Energi AS is owned by E-CO Energi AS (61 per cent) and Eidsiva Vannkraft AS (39 per cent).

“The development of electric power has contributed to industrialization in Norway, and thus to welfare. In this power plant both nature, environmental diversity and fish have been taken into account. We who appreciate climate-friendly power are at the same time concerned with the environment. This power plant has provided a lot of renewable power with small environmental interventions. We are lucky in Norway, since 98 percent of power generation is renewable energy. It gives us a unique position in Europe,” said Søviknes.

Eidsiva Vannkraft AS has built Rosten Power Plant on behalf of Oppland Energi AS and AS Eidefoss. The plant had a total cost of NOK 873 million. Rosten Power Plant will produce about 192 GWh of renewable energy annually. This corresponds to the annual power consumption right below 10,000 households, or the annual consumption of about 50,000 electric cars. The construction of the power plant started in October 2014 and has gone according to schedule, both on time and budget. The power plant was put into trial operation on 14 May this year.

The Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Søviknes presses the button and starts the Rosten Power Plant, while (from the left) CEO Tore Olaf Rimmereid in E-CO Energi, CEO Øistein Andresen in Eidsiva Energi, CEO Hans Kolden in Eidefoss and Managing Director Egil Skøien in Oppland Energy observe.